You're already crushing it.
Now, you can track it.

Starting at $29

We are your answer to staying motivated in your quest.

Did you know 95% of people fail diets? Most people give up before the scale has even had a chance to move. The scale is not your friend. It never was.

With over 2 million datapoints, your progress is trackable and measurable.

Get to know yourself better than ever. You’re going to love it.

The MeThreeSixty mobile app is available on both major app stores. Download the app at the following links.

Scan in under 60 seconds.

Scan in under 60 seconds.

Starting at $29

Starting at $29

Body-tracking for everyday superheros.

With our MeThreeSixty mobile app, you can easily take measurements whenever (and wherever) you want.

Your workout is different. Track yourself differently.

Put the magical suit on, and you will earn your superpower of laughter. We promise you're going to have fun with this.

Ditch the scale.

You are most likely to quit shape-change goals when you can only measure by weight. Track your actual measurements, & don’t lean too heavily on the scale. You will be pleasantly happy.

Why does body scanning even matter?

People who know their measurements become healthier, happier, and more confident. Tracking weight loss, muscle gain, and choosing clothes that make them feel confident and powerful.

It's life changing.

Starting at $29. Here's what you get.

  • The grip.

    Use our grip to stabilize your arms, helping to minimize your body's movements as your smart phone calculates your perfect measurements.

  • The mat.

    The mat creates a floor portal generating a scan track, syncing the data points between the mat, the suit, and your smart phone.

  • The suit.

    Athletic-like fabric designed to hug your beautiful & unique body leaving you accidentally fashionable while functioning as measurement points.

Starting at $29

Your phone is much more powerful than you realize.

With our MeThreeSixty app, your smartphone will power your wildest dreams - taking you to unknown places. See your body changes from scan to scan, and calculate real progress. Over 2 million datapoints are captured per scan, and it takes less than 5 minutes.

Scan in small spaces with our lens addon. SAVE OVER 50% OFF RETAIL

Affordable and awesome, we offer the Olloclip® wideangle lens to give you more powerful scanning. And when you're done scanning, use the lens for your sweet instagram shots. We know. It's awesome.

Look into the future.

You are now able to effortlessly view your body and fitness journey with a side by side comparison. Not only are you tracking your measurements, but your body shape as well.

Your workouts are hard enough, tracking them should be made easy.

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We have partnered with the most advanced, practical body scanning technology ever created, and now we’ve made it yours.

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We make it easy for you to get going. Your new life is moments away.

"The Starter Kit"


Our MeThreeSixty kit gives you everything you need to start scanning. Well, everything except the smartphone, but you knew that already.

Kit includes:
  • 1 scan suit
  • 1 stability grip bar
  • 1 registration mat

Since the point of body scanning is to get accurate measurements, expect this suit to hug your body. The tighter the fit, the better your scan will be. (so pick small)

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